Magickal Crystals & Gridding

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This booklet contains information on over 50 crystals including their related element, what chakra(s) they work best with, and their healing properties. This booklet focuses on how and why we create crystal grids.


When we place crystals in a sacred geometric pattern, we create an energetic threshold. Then, by adding an intention into the mix, we generate a frequency.

Still not clear? Let’s break it down even further.

Crystals emit frequencies. Although these subtle vibrations are invisible to the naked eye, crystalline structures are constantly responding to surrounding stimuli. This means that they react to their environment—be it noise, temperature, light, touch, or consciousness (our thoughts). By using a series of crystals, instead of just one, we link them together and expand the energetic outreach.

But, a handful of crystals on its own is just a jumble of energy. We need direction in order to generate a circuit. This is where sacred geometry comes in...

Booklet is 5.5 inches square

Magickal Crystals & Gridding

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