Stone Animal Spirit

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Let your spirit animal choose you with these beautiful stone animals. 

Frog: The frog reminds us to speak up. She controls healing, transformation and the ability to vocally express the truth. The frog is a helpful guide, and can help one navigate between a tricky situations. The frog is linked to both earth and water. This amphibian is considered good luck, especially in finances.

Rabbit: The rabbit tells us that change is imminent. Take a breath and reevaluate your direction. the rabbit is often hunted, so when this animal appears in your life, it may be time to forge a new path. The rabbit is a natural leader, known for its quick instincts and ability to outsmart predators.

Turtle: The turtle is a reminder to take things one step at a time. No need to rush when we know that the journey is crucial to the outcome. The turtle moves along, seemingly unbothered by anyone or anything. This reptile reminds us to block out the distractions that may hinder the creative process.

Swan: The swan reminds us to maintain individuality and celebrate differences. Although praised for its elegance and grace, this bird encourages us to focus instead on inner beauty. The swan represents the blossoming of love and the acceptance of our true self. 

Fish: The spirit of the fish is deeply connected and dependent on its relationship with water. Water is associated with emotions, healing, rebirth and the moon. When the fish appears in your life, work on strengthening your relationship with the divine feminine.

Stone Animal Spirit
Stone Animal Spirit

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