Cedar and Rose Petal Herb Wand

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Featured in out July 2022 Box, this Cedar wand wrapped in Rose Petals is perfect for cleansing. 

Cedar trees are some of the most fragrant and widely known scents. Evoking thoughts of cabins in the woods, warm fires, and cold afternoons, cedar can be used many different ways. The berries from the cedar tree are high in Vitamin C and ascorbic acid, and make a great tea or tonic. Cedar can also be used as we offer it here, as a smudge for cleansing and purifying a space as cedar is known to have antibacterial properties.

Rose petals can be used in healing rituals and love spells. Roses are associated with weddings or handfastings, as this flower has the ability to strengthen bonds between lovers. It can also be used during meditations and can increase psychic awareness. 

Measures 3-4 inches

Cedar and Rose Petal Herb Wand

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