Roses In Bloom Saturday Spell Kit

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Blossoming Self-Love Spell Kit

A self-love spell for green witches…

This magickal kit includes a Gold Teaspoon, Tea Tree Essential Oil, Intention Paper Set, and Roses.

For this spell, you’ll need either a jar or an envelope, whatever resonates and is readily available for you.

Become grounded in your space and assemble your materials. The intention for this spell is to call in more self-love over the coming moon cycle.

Begin on a new moon.

On the intention paper set, write yourself a love letter. Highlight your favorite things about yourself, compliment yourself, and tap into your Venusian energy. To support the letter writing process you might consider dressing in a favorite outfit, burning a candle that smells sensual and delicious, or playing romantic music.

After you craft your letter, read it aloud to yourself in a mirror (if mirrors are a part of your practice – if not, just imagine your own face as the love washes over you and through you).

Then, fold or roll the letter and place it in the envelope or in the jar. Using the gold teaspoon, sprinkle roses over the letter into the vessel, again imagining calling in and cultivating love like a rose in a garden.

Rose has been honored for centuries. According to folklore, the poetess Sappho called rose the Queen of the Flowers, and it was said to be a favorite of Cleopatra.

Rose is closely associated with the Goddess Aphrodite and is known for being potent in spells and rituals of self-love and romance.

Then, drop three drops of the Tea Tree essential oil into the vessel. Tea Tree Oil is known for its protective properties, helping support your heart as it unfurls and opens in a practice of self-love.

As you seal the vessel, speak…

A letter of love, I write for me. And rose’s beauty helps me see,

All I need to do is just be, by waxing then full moon, love is the key.

Keep this letter on your altar or in a sacred space that you can be reminded of daily until the full moon. On the full moon, read the letter aloud to yourself, and then either burn or bury (safely) the remnants of the spell, letting intuition be your guide. Spend some time recording what you learned about self-love over the moon cycle from new to full.


 This kit includes:

- 3 Herb Vial Kit, includes Rose Petals

- Gold Faux Crystal Teaspoon

- Tea Tree Essential Oil from La Lune Rising 

- Intention Paper Set

Roses In Bloom Saturday Spell Kit