Turquoise Tears Kuchi Necklace

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Kuchi necklace, handmade by an ancient tribe in Afghanistan.

The Kuchi people are Pakhtuns, which is the dominant tribe in
Afghanistan. While they are largely settled now, historically they
were a nomadic tribe that traveled the ancient trade routes between
Afghanistan and Pakistan. They were the wanderers, the explorers,
a romantic tribe of nomads who revered the vibrant and intricate
art their jewelry displayed. This craft of jewels is a celebration of
life, of beauty, of style, of electric, colorful boldness!

The Kuchi often add coins, bells, and colorful cut glass to their
adornments—bringing a richer life and experience to the jewelry.
Many believe that these jewels not only amplify ones radiance and
beauty, but that they also ward off evil spirits.

Kuchi jewelry has a great and rich cultural history—with the
designs having remained mainly unchanged over the last
3000 years.

Lapis Lazuli is commonly used and is a deep blue stone known
said to inspire creativity and confidence.

Reds, greens and turquoise pieces are commonly a colored Howlite.
Howlite is said to be a calming stone and is ideal to wear when
encountering stressful energy.

Turquoise Tears Kuchi Necklace
Turquoise Tears Kuchi Necklace
Turquoise Tears Kuchi Necklace
Turquoise Tears Kuchi Necklace

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