Saturday Spell Kit

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Creating an Intention Spell Jar ✨

This magickal kit includes Desert Rose Babies, a Triangle Glass Intention Jar, Gold Chime Candles, and Elderflower.

For this spell, write your intention on a piece of paper. Maybe you'd like to call in more joy this spring and summer, maybe you'd like to connect with and honor your ancestors, or perhaps you'd like to welcome more abundance.

Roll or fold the slip of paper and put it in the intention jar. Be as specific as possible. Add a bit of Elderflower to bless the intention. Elder is an ancient and sacred tree, known to support endings and beginnings, which is perfect for a spring spell, or a spell Jar made with the light of the moon.

Then, add the Desert Rose to the jar.  Desert Rose is known as a grounding stone, which can help support your intention during the spellwork. Then, to cast and release your spell, light your gold candle and use a bit of the wax to seal the intention jar.

Speak, "I set these intentions with the spring. Allowing magick around me to sing. Toward these intentions, I dedicate energy, and soon the blooms of intentions I'll see."

Allow the gold candle to burn out and then offer the remnants to the earth or water. Either bury the Spell Jar or keep it somewhere sacred in your home where you can remember your intention.

 This kit includes:

- Spell Bottle

- Elder Flower

- Desert Rose Babies

- 2 Gold Chime Candles

Saturday Spell Kit