Moonshine Earrings -Quartz

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For as long as humans have occupied this planet, the moon has played an integral role in the development of societies and cultural identities. For many of us, each moon phase carries a unique energy, but together they form a roadmap.

 This map is not linear, but cyclical in nature. It’s filled with low valleys, staggering peaks, and plenty of dead ends that leave us void of course.

These emotional highs and lows are not dissimilar to that which we experience on a day-to-day basis. Depending on our character, this volatility can feel exciting, scary, or frustrating in a world that insists that success is born from consistency. The moon shows us an alternate path—one that encourages a hefty dose of passion for balancing logic, stillness for heightening creativity, and quiet reflection for laser-focused intentions.

With dedication, our relationship with the moon offers a glimpse into the waxing and waning aspects of the psyche and fosters a unique connection with the cosmos.

Statement crescent moon earrings with dangling stars and stones.

Moonshine Earrings -Quartz

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