Rainy Day Earrings

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October 2020: Tibetan Earrings

October’s North of Stella is a pair of dangling silver earrings, expertly crafted by artisans from the mystical mountains of Tibet.


If you’ve ever felt called to hike an overgrown wooded path, or scale a jagged cliffside in search of forgotten caves, and especially if you’ve ever set out to reach the top of a mountainous peak, have you ever stopped to wonder where or who that desire came from?

Well, wild ones, there’s a reason for that…

Nature spirits are all around us. They are private creatures, preferring to communicate through subtle messages carried by the wind and scattered amongst the trees. They speak through birdsong, changes in weather, and if they have something important to tell us, through silence.

In Tibet, where the rugged peaks of the Himalayas stand tall and imposing, mountain gods are the protectors of the wild landscape. Some, like the Wind Horse and Snow Lion, are famous. They symbolize courage, strength, and offer good fortune to the community.

But others, like those that reside on Mount Kailash, are elusive and far less inviting.

Mount Kalash is one of the most sacred mountains in the world, nicknamed the Stairway to Heaven. Ancient scriptures claim that Mount Kailash is home to Lord Shiva, the guardian of nature and personal liberation. With the help of the mountain gods, he dutifully protects the secrets that reside at the peak.


For those who long to communicate with the cryptic forces of nature, it’s easy to see why the Tibetan landscape has long been a focus of divine connection. But whether you’re an adventure seeker in real life or dreamland, we hope that our Rainy Day Earrings remind you of all the secrets within the natural the world—many of which are hiding in plain sight.

 Earrings measure 4 inches.

Rainy Day Earrings

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