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Jadeite is one of the minerals found in Jade. Jadeite is known for its deep green color; but specimens may also have tones of white, red, brown, purple, black, or yellow. As with other emerald colored stones, jadeite is known as a stone of luck and harmony.

Jadeite is one of the most popular stones in Chinese tradition and philosophy. This crystal is said to symbolize the five virtues of humanity; benevolence, righteousness, respect, wisdom and fidelity. Throughout history people have etched characters into jadeite crystals, serving as talismans of their beliefs. 

Jadeite vibrates alongside the 4th chakra, the heart center. Rest jadeite on your chest to strengthen a heart that has been weakened by betrayal, mistrust or emotional trauma. Carrying this stone on your body may reduce the effects of environmental toxins that leave a person irritable and unable to rest.


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