The Serpent Necklace

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This month’s delivery is a minimalistic necklace, complete with a 14kt gold or sterling silver pendant in the shape of a serpent.

In our increasingly modern world, many people view snakes as fearsome creatures. But to some, snakes are not the sinister predators that we humans make them out to be.

If we dive deeper into the serpent’s history, we see that this reptile represents reincarnation, healing, and our connection to the realm of dreams. She (because yes, the snake speaks to the divine feminine aspect of the psyche) also symbolizes wisdom. Lucky for us, the serpent is eager to share her vast library of occult knowledge with anyone brave enough to ask.

We see the relationship between the serpent and healing therapies when we look at the Rod of Asclepius. The Rod of Asclepius, whose image is sewn into the clothing of emergency and hospital staff, depicts a snake intertwined around a large staff.

In ancient Greece, the staff belonged to Asclepius, the mysterious demigod of healing and dreams. According to stories, Asclepius had a temple where his followers sought relief from aches, pains, and illnesses—both physical and mental.

Because his treatment required long periods of rest, you would be shown to a quiet chamber for reflection, renewal, and eventually, resurrection.

But the room was also filled with snakes.

Asclepius believed that serpents were the key to healing, so visitors were instructed to lie on the floor as these creatures ‘kissed’ and slithered over their bodies. If you were one of the lucky ones, Asclepius and the snakes would use this time to share a vision with you.

While most of the people who paid a visit to the temple of Asclepius were cured, even if sickness persisted, visitors claimed that they no longer feared anything—not even the mystical realm that awaits all humans at the conclusion of their life. 

14 karat gold serpent on a golden chain. Serpent measures 1 inch, chain measures 22 inches with an extender. 

The Serpent Necklace
The Serpent Necklace

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