Eye of Ra Necklace// Sterling Silver

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Our story begins with the Egyptian Sun God named Ra. Each morning in ancient Egypt Ra would sail his boat across the sea of the sky, and during the evening he would return to the underworld.

Ra was the patron god of the pharaoh and was considered to be the god of all the other gods of the Egyptian pantheon. He was considered the creator of everything. The Eye of Ra is symbolic of an all seeing eye, much like the god Ra himself.

The Egyptians honored Ra with temples allowing for light to stream in instead of statues of Ra, as he was considered to be the sun himself.

At sundown, it was believed that Nut, the goddess of mystery and night, swallowed Ra, and that he was reborn in the morning. Meaning that Nut was both his mother and granddaughter.

The symbol of The Eye of Ra comes to us from a few different myths from Egypt.

One of them goes like this…

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This necklace is .925 sterling silver with an 18 inch chain.

Eye of Ra Necklace// Sterling Silver

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