Divination Tool Kit

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If you consider yourself a seeker or spiritualist, then divinatory practices like reading tarot, dousing, or working with crystals are in your blood. For you, it’s easy to sense their allure. After all, they are magickal tools.

Within this divination kit, you’ll find five of our favorite items to strengthen intuition and inner sight. We’ve hand-selected these objects with both the curious novice and seasoned expert in mind. It’s our intention that you, dear reader, use these elements any way you see fit. What you see below are merely suggestions on how to tap into the web of consciousness that awaits beyond the veil.

Kit Contains:

Divination Altar Cloth

Pendulum (Style will vary)

Rider Waite Tarot Deck

Rough Selenite Wand- 6" 

Tarot Booklet (Written by Riss Cottril of @allmyancestors)

Divination Tool Kit

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