Selenite Triple Moon Palm Stone

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Hold this crystal in the palm of your hand while you are setting your intentions under the moon or while you are working at your altar. This piece is perfectly sized to carry with you or to be displayed on your altar. 

Healing Properties

Physically Selenite is said to be a powerful general healer with high energy. As a protector it is best placed in the center of a home or work space, to protect against physical & spiritual attacks. A Guardian Stone, Selenite is revered by healers as the ideal crystal for casting a safe net around loved ones.


Astrological Sign: Cancer
Herbs & Plants: Chamomile, Lemon Balm, Rose, Poppy
Element & Planet: Water, Moon
Chakra: Brow, Sacral
Angel: Gabriel

Care and Cleaning:

Cleanse with water infused with moonlight & charge under the full moon.

History, Ritual & Lore:

A gypsum crystal, Selenite is commonly used as wands in crystal healing. The name Selenite is derived from the Greek word Selene, meaning “moon.” This protective crystal is known to cleanse other crystals and is commonly seen with other crystals atop it. Legends say that when God was creating the divine light, he took a breath and exhaled. That breath became Selenite. It is also believed that a piece of Selenite in your room will keep evil at bay. 

* Stones are approximately 2 inch x 1.5 inch; Size may vary.

Selenite Triple Moon Palm Stone

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