Mini Amethyst Soap // Spirit Element

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Amethyst Crystal Bath bar is the perfect choice for daily deepening of intuition. It's especially ideal for healers involving psychic awareness and channeling into their practice such as reiki healers, tarot readers and mediums. Creative types and artists should also take advantage of this bar, using it to facilitate divine inspiration and creativity. 

Ingredient Vibrations

Amethyst - This stone has many uses. It stimulates the 3rd eye, crown and ethereal chakras; it promotes creativity and helps to reduce addictive behavior. In addition, it calms stress and anxiety.

Lavender - this oil is a must have for dreamwork, deepening intuition, divination and finding mental clarity.

Frankincense - It's scent helps one to achieve higher levels of awareness and vibration.

Mini Amethyst Soap // Spirit Element