Red Jasper-Crystal Massaging Bath Bar // Spirit Element

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Red Jasper Crystal Bath bar is the perfect choice for daily grounding, energy, and for facilitating major change. It's especially ideal for healers who need to stay grounded while moving through the spiritual realms or who are having trouble with shielding from other’s energy. This bar is a wonderful meditation aid for those of you who like to meditate during bath and shower time. Additionally, this bar will support you during significant change. It will help you to stay grounded while also showing you the next steps towards healing. 

Ingredient Vibrations

Red Jasper Chips - A wonderful meditation stone for its ability to clear the mind and facilitate focus. It has been added to this blend for its well-known connection to serpent energy and kundalini. This experience known as kundalini rising clears and activates the chakras by eliminating blocks and spreading energy through the body. 

Geranium - A lovely floral note, geranium facilitates growth of all kinds. It helps one to find self-control and is incredibly protective of the aura. Geranium is associated with luck and emotional recovery. 

How to Use:

  • This bar can replace any traditional bath soap

  • wet bar, then gently massage to create a soft lather. Massage crystal side over skin, being sure to focus on the sore muscles.

  • Focus a little extra attention on the root and sacral chakras. 

  • collect your crystals to use in grids, hold them during meditation for guidance and focus,  or continue to add them to your bathing ritual.

approximately 4 oz bath bar

Red Jasper ingredient list: water, glycerin, sodium stearate, sorbital, sodium oleate, shea butter, sodium laurate, sodium myristate, sodium chloride, sodium citrate, titanium dioxide, pentasodium pentatate, essential oils of geranium and lemon, red jasper.

Red Jasper-Crystal Massaging Bath Bar  // Spirit Element
Red Jasper-Crystal Massaging Bath Bar  // Spirit Element

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