Sacred Love Duo // Spirit Element

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This set infused with the essence of love. Our founder made this spray as a way to call in her spirit guides and angels for protection, love, and guidance. The Spirit Element team quickly felt the love with each spritz and decided to make a matching body oil as well. The Sacred Love set is meant to hold the essence of divine love and channel that essence into your aura and space. It is ideal for anyone needing to find love in their life whether you are looking for self-love, romantic love, love for the world or any other kind of love you can think of. The Sacred Love set fills your aura with love so that you can attract more love into your life. 

Each bottle of mist and oil has rose Quartz chips, and the body + ritual oil is the nurturing ray of pink. Use these beauties daily in meditation, charging your space or whenever you wish to feel divine love surrounding you.  

set contains:

- (1) 2oz Universal Love Spray for Heart Healing

- (1) 2oz Universal Love Body Oil for Heart Healing

Sacred Love Duo // Spirit Element