Celtic Knot Necklace

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In Celtic tradition, the “infinity knot” or “endless knot” represents eternity,
undying or unending. While this symbol can represent life, it also is used to
represent friendship, love, freedom, loyalty and a myriad of other sentiments
that endure.

The design itself is always one thread, one line and one woven loop. There
is no end and no beginning. This symbolizes how life, eternity and the after
life are all connected.

The designs were first seen in 3BC and can be found in art,
manuscripts and architecture. They are found in Roman mosaics, Russian
literature, Ethiopian art, Medieval era & Islamic art. It is believed
the knot traveled its way through Europe, making its way to Ireland &
the Scottish Highlands.

Celtic knots or “mystic knots” as they are also called, were exchanged between
lovers as amulets of affection the way we now exchange rings in marriage.

Your necklace is made of .925 sterling silver and was inspired by the
stunning green hills of Scotland. Our travels took us through abandoned
castles, thick forests, down cobblestone streets and inside warm pubs.

Do not soak in water, clean with a dry jewelry cloth. Do not get lotions, perfumes or oils on the gold.

Celtic Knot Necklace
Celtic Knot Necklace

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