Full Moon Oil // Rootz & Flowers Apothecary

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During the full moon our absorption of energy is at its peak- be sure to relax and be gentle with yourself 💜 Keep the mind positive and the heart pure to ensure we don't have wacky full moon days 🍃

We don't just absorb energy more during the full moon, we also soak up hydration during this time.. that's why this oil is perfect!

Loaded with flowers and plant oils, this beauty sinks right in to our skin...nourishing and balancing our mind, body and soul

What's in it....

Bergamot and juniper oil ease tension, boost mood, help with clear communication and keep you grounded

Calendula, Cornflowers & Baby's Breath are left to infuse while you use ~ making this body oil stronger and more beneficial during the full moon 🌔🌔🌔

🌻Calendula flowers inspire optimism and vitality. Its protective energy dispels negativity and draws light and love into the energy field.

🌻Baby's Breath promotes love, happiness and a full heart.

🌻Cornflowers increase clairvoyance

The day before, of and after the full moon is when you absorb everything the most ~ apply as an all over body oil after the shower- use as a massage oil ~ or add to the bath and then apply 💛

100% Organic
Tested on me, never animals

Coconut oil | Calendula | Cornflowers | Baby's Breath | Bergamot | Sage
Full Moon Oil // Rootz & Flowers Apothecary