Jewelry Blind Shipment

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As owner and main photographer for Tamed Wild and North of Stella, I have collected a massive amount of jewelry items that are taking up my space. In the spirit of spring cleaning, I have created "grab envelopes" of jewels and am listing them here. Each envelope has 2 or more pieces inside, depending on value.

There are lots of handmade tribal pieces from the Kuchi tribe as well as Peruvian and Guatemalan. Some envelopes have sample pieces we have received from various makers as well as pieces from our North of Stella collection. They are all new, unworn and in good condition. Expect most to be an alpaca or German silver and not sterling. (Alloy mixes mostly, although there are some sterling pieces in there as well)

Envelopes can include necklaces, rings, earrings and bracelets.

Jewelry Blind Shipment

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