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Shungite is an archaic stone originally found in Russia, said to be about 2 million years old. This stone consists of mainly carbon along with miracle antioxidants called fullerenes. Fullerenes are said to neutralize cancer cells, normalize cellular metabolism and have been called "free radial catchers." Shungite is extremely valuable as it is the only natural source of fullerenes known on this planet.

Due to shungites purifying properties, it's called "The Stone of Transformation." Shungite acts as an energy filter. It filters out the bad and transforms into positive. It's said that shungite aligns all chakras, but has the strongest connection with the root chakra. Shungite is a shield for those who work with or around computers., phones, electronics or other devices that emit electromagnetic frequencies. This stone can help people who have a sensitive immune system and suffer from allergies. Individuals who work in hospitals, prisons, or other industries with sick, mentally ill or angry persons favor shungite for absorbing the negative energy before it has a chance to affect the aura.

If you choose to carry shungite with you, place it somewhere along the left side of your body, it's said that energy enters our bodies on the left side, and therefore all energy will require to pass through shungite before reaching you.

to keep this energy filter working effectively, shungite should be cleansed and charged frequently. We suggest placing your stone inside an amethyst or crystal quartz geode or cluster.

Includes 3-4 pieces

Shungite stones laid out

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