Moonlight Body Ritual // Spirit Element

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Moonlight body & ritual oil is crafted to hold the energy of the full moon phase. It is charged with aquamarine and moonstone under moonlight for a full 28 days before making its way to you. Body & ritual oils are my bread & butter. I love them so much because they serve a purpose as a daily moisturizer but also as a little slice of daily self-care. Each oil is also formulated to hold the vibration of an intention. Serving as a little reminder to the universe that this intention is important to you and you are actively taking steps to call it into fruition.

This oil’s intention is the illumination and radiance of the full moon. Work with it when you are seeking clarity, peace, and anything you need to step into your authenticity. It features delicate notes of galbanum, luscious fruits like lemon, guava, and watermelon, and a touch of basil, thyme, and rosemary for a light brush of cooling herbaceousness. Each note was selected for it’s connection to the moon, flowing into cycles, and connecting with deep subconsciousness for intuitive and emotional guidance.

Ingredient Vibrations

Galbanum - A beautiful resin that is perfect for working with the mystery and spiritual powers of the water element. It’s been used for centuries for creating sacred space for healing rituals and divinatory practices. It thins the veil between worlds, allowing one to fully submerge into subconsciousness. Its association with healing, Venus, the water element, and honoring cycles makes it a perfect addition to this blend.

Lemon - One of the most important oils in moon work is lemon. It is associated with spirit guides, purity, and dealing with everyday challenges. It helps one to vibrate higher so that one can move into the spiritual realms with ease and clear understanding. Additionally it as associated with water magic.

Moon Charged - Each batch is poured into mother bottles full of raw moonstone & aquamarine then charged under a full lunar cycle.

How to Use: use a body moisturizer or add a few drop fulls to a warm bath for a luscious, skin softening treatment. Can also be added to candles, lotions, and hair products as an aromatherapy treatment. Use before and after meditation and rituals for moon and water magic.

Moon phase: Full

2 oz | 60 mL glass bottle.

Full ingredient list: Oils of: Olive, safflower, sweet almond, grape seed; fragrance blend (may contain (plant based, synthetic free) fragrance & essential oils of lemon, jasmine, rosemary, galbunum, thyme, vanilla, coconut flower, neroli, lily, sea grass, guava, watermelon, desert cactus, basil), mica.

Moonlight Body Ritual // Spirit Element

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