Peruvian Aguayo Cuff

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Junes delivery is a handmade Peruvian cuff with aguayo detail.


Even if you don’t know this fabric by name, there’s a good chance that you’re familiar with the vibrant colors and texture of aguayo.

Today, these rainbow threads are woven into jewelry, handbags, bedding, and leather goods.

But before artisans started incorporating this woolen textile into fashion accessories, aguayo was part of the traditional dressing in the Andes region.

 It still is today.

Locals in Peru, Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, Chile, and Ecuador rely on large squares of aguayo to carry children, supplies, and food. When not using for transport, men and women drape these thick shawls over their backs and shoulders as an extra layer of protection from the harsh elements in the Andes Mountains.

Although visible throughout the entire region, not all aguayos are created equal.

Peruvian aguayos look different from those made in Bolivia. Bolivian aguayos stand apart from the weavings of Ecuador. No two creations are the same.

The distinct styles and patterns have just as much to do with the weaving techniques as they do with storytelling.

You see, as weavers intertwine each thread, they are not just creating a physical object, they are sharing a story. It might be a story about their culture, a historical tale about their community, or a mystical retelling of a dream.


So, if you’ve ever wondered if handmade items carry the energy of their creators—in the case of this month’s Stella, it’s true. We wish you the best of luck while you search for symbols and decipher the messages that were lovingly embedded into your aguayo cuff.


Alpaca silver, pattern chosen at random

Peruvian Aguayo Cuff