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March Tamed Wild Box

"Those who don't believe in magic will never find it."

- Roald Dahl
* New Items *
$10 and Under Collection
Shop over 200 items! Stones, booklets, altar cloths, ritual tools & other items for the earth spirited. ✨
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Storytime: The Lion in Love
The woodcutter’s daughter was the forest jewel. She was kind, clever, and a friend to all, so it was no surprise when a lion visited the woodcutter and asked for her hand.To refuse the King of Beasts would have been...
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Spring Gift Guide
How do you know what to buy a witch?Our suggestion – ask witches.With springtime parties and picnics right around the corner, we’ve curated a list of teas, tools, and treasures to support your magickal endeavors at each turn of the...
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Elemental Magick
The elements themselves are magickal.Earth, air, water, fire, and the more ethereal element of spirit, make up the world around us. Witches, magicians, and alchemists have long called on these elements in spells, rituals, altars, and to connect with the...
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