"In the depth of winter, I finally learned that there was in me, an invincible summer"

- Albert Camus
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Faery Mythology: Changelings
Tricky and charming, elusive yet beautiful, faeries are the things from which legends are born.Whether we’re talking about Nordic, Celtic, Germanic, or Slavic folklore, there is no shortage of stories about these mischievous creatures. They pop up in gardens, in...
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Wild Medicine: Mugwort
Roman soldiers put Mugwort in their sandals before marching off to war in order to ward off fatigue and tiredness. It was also thought to protect people from wild animals and evil spirits. Believed to have strong protection properties, woven...
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The Witches: Morgan Le Fay
If you were to enter the apothecary and workshop of Merlin, wander through the mists of Avalon, experience the legend of Excalibur, or walk into a castle during the time of King Arthur, there’s a chance you would cross paths...
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