Spell Candle Subscription (3 Month Prepay, 3 Candles)

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Our deeply discounted candle subscription brings you 3 of our popular spell candles every 3 months. These candles are chosen at random from our collection and may include goddess candles, spell candles, sabbat candles, and candles from our seasonal box. These could be close-out designs, new designs, overstock, or other offerings.

*Please note that you may receive the same candle twice per year, but not within the same delivery. If you are a seasonal box subscriber, you will receive two of the same candles as these cross-over subscriptions. 

Our candles are scented soy wax and are either infused with herbs and stones, or contain a companion devotional offering kit for you to infuse your candle yourself. 

Spell Candle Subscription (3 Month Prepay, 3 Candles)

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