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Flora, a Roman fertility goddess, has become a renowned symbol for flowers, nature, and spring. Her name originates from the word Floris, which means flower in Latin. She represents youthful energy, and the blossoming of life. Though Flora was originally deemed as a minor deity, her popularity grew with the reign of Sabine king Titus Tatius. Flora was given a temple and priests in her name, and offerings were made by the people to ensure the prosperity of their fruits and crops. Initially, Flora ruled the flowering of plants that produced fruit, but was later known for the blooming of all flowers. As time progressed, she was also recognized as Chloris, Greek goddess of spring growth and flowers.

The festival Floralia was dedicated to this goddess. Men would drape flowers (particularly roses) over their bodies, and their animals. Women would dress in a fashion that was typically forbidden, and some people didn’t wear anything at all. This festival lasted for six days during late April and May, and included games, theatrical performances, and hunts.

This goddess can be found within a variety of mythological tales. A popular story involves Flora in the birth of Mars. Juno was stricken with jealousy after Jupiter gave birth to Minerva without her, so Flora gifted Juno with an enchanted flower that would allow her to conceive without a father. Thus, Mars was born.

The flower goddess was married to Favonius, the wind god, who also went by the name Zephyr. Favonius was associated with plants and flowers as well, but it was he who gifted Flora the authority over springtime. The union started off in violence, as he forced the goddess to marry him. Favonius’s efforts to reconcile with Flora by giving her precedence over the blooming of flowers pleased her greatly.

How to connect with the goddess Flora

Connect with flowers

Go on a nature walk, and connect to the flowers around you (roses in particular). Alternatively, you can find a garden to spend time in. Notice the beauty, taking in all of the colors, shapes, and sizes. You can also decorate your altar in flowers, and use them as offerings to Flora. Making flower crowns is also a great way to connect with this goddess.

Call upon Flora when starting new projects

Flora is associated with fertility and the blooming of life. When you are having trouble starting a new project, or your efforts bare no fruit, call upon this goddess for help. Her energy can aid in the budding of new ideas and approaches, leading to abundance and prosperity.

Honor the springtime

Spring is associated with rebirth and youthful energy. It honors the beauty that comes with the creation of life, following the death that winter brings. You can celebrate the springtime by getting your creative juices flowing. This is a great time to make an art piece of some kind, or participate in an activity that allows you to access your creativity. It is also important to honor this season within. Perhaps you have experienced the death of a job, partnership, or life chapter. Now is the time to honor your growth in this process, and call upon Flora to help you see the beauty in your rebirth.

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