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Step 1:

Gather your materials. Locate your metal wire and fold it in half. Tie a knot in one end of your string, leaving about two inches of string between the end and the knot. 

Step 2: 

Lay out your beads. Choose how you want to arrange your beads by and place them in the order you want to string them. You can do silver spacer beads between each crystal bead, you can leave them out completely, or you can use them every third - use your imagination! I suggest using a towel or piece of felt to do the layout so they don't roll off your surface. 

Step 3:

Now you are ready! Place the string in the folded wire, this will be an open ended 'needle' that you will use to thread the beads onto the string. 

Step 4: 

Begin threading your beads onto your thread in whatever design you laid out. Tie a knot between each bead and spacer, or tie a knot every other bead and spacer. 

Step 5:

Once all the beads and spacers are on the string, remove the string from the folded metal 'needle' and make a final knot. I suggest making this a double knot.

Step 6:

Attach the tassel to whichever end you choose. To do this, thread the string through the tassel loop or string holes. Tie a double knot here as well.

Step 7:

Trim both ends of excess string and seal the ends of the string with either a small dot of glue or clear nail polish. 

The stones in this kit are Blue and Yellow Tiger's Eye crystals. Tiger's Eye will deepen your spiritual practice and aid you in grounding in your personal journey. Associated with the Manipura Chakra, or Solar Plexus, this selection of beads will boost your confidence while smoothing out any anxieties or concerns and open your eye's to what makes you such a unique and special person. 

Use this strand beads in meditation or when you feel anxious or unsettled. Hold it in your hand, beginning with the end opposite the tassel, and focus on sliding each bead individually through your fingers. Much like a traditional Mala, you can say a mantra with each bead or simply practice keeping your mind focused on your body and where it is in space and time. When you reach the tassel take one deep breath and let it out slowly.

You can repeat this if you would like more grounding. 

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