The Book Coven + Exclusive Tamed Wild Content

The Book Coven + Exclusive Tamed Wild Content

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Exclusive Tamed Wild Magick

In the glow of the equinox, we’re excited to announce the Tamed Wild digital subscription + Book Coven. 
This Digital Subscription will share exclusive content from us on the Instagram & Facebook platforms and will include:

💫Weekly lives discussing everything from witchcraft, tarot & herbs; to business chats, workshops & all things magick.

💫Weekly Reels sharing information on the cosmos, Q & A with our collaborators, collective divination, extra podcast content & drop in guests

💫Regular weekly posts and discussions engaging with the Tamed Wild Team

💫Exclusive badge letting us know that you’re a member when you DM us through our Instagram page

💫Membership to our newly launched Book Coven with monthly book reading & weekly chapter discussions

💫Monthly downloadable Grimoire Page

💫End of the month zoom discussion

💫Each month we share a FREE item for our members, you just cover the shipping!

Tamed Wild has always been driven by community connections, sharing knowledge, swapping experiences and deepening our practices. We love that this opportunity is available to us on these platforms and look forward to getting to know you all on a more personal level. Sign up is easy, just go to and hit the "subscribe" button in our profile. Membership is $4.99 a month, no contracts! 

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