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The full moon eclipse in Scorpio on May 5th will unveil that which lies within the darkness. Our relationships to money, resources, sensuality, and love will be highlighted, as well as our unconscious material surrounding these areas. While this full moon may feel intense, it points to the illusions that keep us operating on autopilot, and awakens us to deeper truth and meaning. Any emotional baggage, secret desires, or hidden material that arises will call us into deep, soulful transformation. 

This full moon is connected to the archetype of the phoenix, highlighting dead matter in our lives and calling us into rebirth. Scorpio can illuminate shadow material in the form of jealousy, possessiveness, fear, obsession, secrecy, distrust, and more. Should these darker sides of us arise, we are invited to reflect upon and transform old versions of ourselves. This is about facing the parts of us that live in fear and cause destruction when they unconsciously take hold. As they are brought to light and made conscious, we can finally release them and create new life. Dead matter can also look like stagnation, lack of motivation, or a depletion of life-force energy. This full moon is about listening for the signs that inner transformation is needed, especially in areas of our lives that involve money, finances, love, sensuality, intimacy and security/safety. 

Lunar eclipses are known to bring fated disruption and change, often coming in the form of endings. With Uranus at play, we have to expect the unexpected. This planet can bring sudden shifts to relationships, careers, finances, and the like. Uranus, the great liberator, shatters illusions that we have fallen asleep to and are imprisoned by (unconsciously or consciously). He takes us off of autopilot and reveals our potential for creating alternative realities. In order to fully embrace rebirth, we must look through a new lens and do things differently. This placement brings death to the illusions that prevent us from fully realizing our personal power. Pluto, the ruler of Scorpio, in Aquarius further emphasizes this point. Pluto is currently retrograde, inviting us to reflect upon how we can utilize our power to rebel against the norm and go against the grain.

Mercury is also retrograde and forms an opposition to the full moon eclipse. This placement encourages reflection, especially before expressing oneself to others. Miscommunications, mistakes, and mishaps may cause unconscious material to surface. However, should this happen, we are invited to face our fears around intimacy and vulnerability. The Scorpio full moon eclipse can highlight any resistance to acknowledging and expressing our raw truth. We are encouraged to find security and safety within ourselves to be seen so we can deepen our relationships and improve their quality.

The full moon forms a trine to Mars in Cancer, unveiling hidden conflict, as well as secret desires and motivations. We may feel called to finally get to the bottom of an issue so we can finally release it and move forward. This especially pertains to matters involving family, ancestral lines, home, and the mother. Finally, Saturn in Pisces reveals karmic material and unconscious limiting beliefs that hold us back unknowingly. This full moon eclipse may point us to the work that must be done to fully release restricting outlooks and bring new life to our lives.

Happy Scorpio full moon eclipse!

5 ways to honor this lunation…

  1. Death magick: Release dead matter, whatever that looks like to you. Allow old relationships, life-paths, and past versions of yourself to die. You can write on a piece of paper what you’re letting go of, set it on fire, and spread the ashes to symbolize death. 

  2. Write a grief letter: Allow yourself to grieve, accept, and forgive so you can make space for rebirth. Write letters to old versions of yourself and anyone from your past that you need to release. Get your feelings out on paper and let yourself process them so you can move forward.

  3. Show gratitude: It’s important to thank relationships, life-paths, and past versions of yourself that you are releasing. At one point, they kept you safe and served you. It’s okay to both honor them AND let them go.

  4. Shadow work: Scorpio rules the shadowy domains of life. Now is a great time to do shadow work and reclaim the parts of you that lie within the darkness so you can experience rebirth. You can also get in touch with your hidden desires, secret wishes, and deepest fantasies as they will guide you to the new version of yourself. 

  5. Initiate rebirth: Release limiting beliefs or false illusions that lie beneath the surface. Challenge yourself to see where you’re moving on autopilot, and begin to show up differently. Decide who you want to be and look through a new lens. How would this person show up differently?

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