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The Libra full moon on April 6th is an opportunity to release anything that disturbs the peace, balance, and harmony within our lives. Venus, the ruler of Libra, reminds us that we may need to challenge our comfort zones in order to do this. It’s a great time to build awareness around what we’re clinging to for safety and security, and question whether this serves us. We’re called to build a deeper sense of safety within ourselves and assess our relationships to people, money, love, beauty, and creativity. Chiron and the sun in Aries provide us with opportunities to restore inner peace by healing past wounds that impact our confidence and courage. 

This full moon in Libra brings themes such as relationships, balance, harmony, love, peace, justice, diplomacy, beauty, money, and creativity to the surface. Oppositions to the planets in Aries point to a necessary balance between Self and other. The message here is that in order to bring balance to our external worlds, we often need to restore peace and harmony within ourselves. As within, so without. Our perceptions of the themes previously mentioned will mirror the relationships we have with ourselves. Chiron conjunct the sun in Aries brings our attention to past wounds that bruise the ego and impact our courage, confidence, and sense of self. This is a beautiful opportunity for healing - to let go of any fears or beliefs we may have about ourselves that echo past pain and bring disharmony to our lives. 

Jupiter, the great benefic, encourages us to distinguish truth from lies. The truth is that we are bigger than our wounds and it’s time to recognize where we’re making ourselves small as a result of past pain. During this full moon, consider contemplating on what you need to release in order to take up space and recognize that you are whole. If you believed this to be true, how would this change the way you show up in the world? Jupiter encourages us to find wisdom within our past pain. Rather than using our wounds as reinforcement to shrink and hide, we can learn from the lessons at play. We can use them as motivation to step into how big we truly are. Aries, the archetype of the warrior, is all about developing the courage, confidence, and leadership to advocate for Self. This placement is also an invitation to shift how we perceive conflict. Instead of avoiding it, this is a call to see what we can learn from it and use it as a tool for healing and building intimacy with others. 

Venus, the ruler of Libra, is currently transiting through the sign of Taurus. It forms a conjunction to Uranus, planet of liberation, change, and revolution. In order to restore harmony within and without, we may have to do things differently. Our comfort zones may be challenged and our sense of security questioned. Outer shifts (especially in relationships, finances, and resources) may highlight what we are clinging to for safety and where this is limiting us or holding us back. That which we stubbornly attach to for security may be the very thing that robs us of our freedom. With Pluto and Neptune at play, this is a great time to face our shadow and fears for the sake of transcendence. This is an invitation to cultivate what is needed in order to build a deeper sense of safety. This could look like learning to trust ourselves or the unseen, or perhaps developing techniques to regulate the nervous system. Whatever is needed, Uranus encourages us to set aside societal expectations that provide a false sense of security, and instead, honor our individuality. This placement reminds us that like the budding flowers of spring, we are all unique and different. The path to our liberation may entail finding safety within who we authentically are, and how we wish to express ourselves in relationship to the outer world.   

Happy Libra full moon!

Honoring this full moon may look like…

  1. Creating balance: Imbalances manifest in the form of anxiety, fatigue, over or underworking, stagnation, and more. What imbalances are calling to you now? How are you being called to shift or change? What needs to be released?

  2. Being relational: Libra is a relational sign, whereas its opposite (Aries) is connected to Self. The planets in Aries invite us to address internal or external conflict (towards people, money, resources, etc.). Use the war within and without as a compass for growth and an opportunity to improve connection and be relational. 

  3. Healing past wounds: Chiron asks us to heal old wounds that show up in our relationships with people, money, jobs, etc. Notice where you’re lacking courage or confidence. Meet your inner child and give them what they need in order to release old beliefs and fears that aren’t serving you.

  4. Finding peace within: We can come back into balance by cultivating security and safety within so we aren’t clinging to things we shouldn’t be holding onto. Regulate your nervous system, cultivate trust, develop stability within, and restore the peace.

  5. Seeing the beauty: Uranus and Venus invite us to see the beauty in our individuality. What we need may be different from someone else. This is an opportunity to explore your own unique style of loving, relating, and seeing beauty in the world.

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