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The Virgo full moon on March 7th provides us with an opportunity to purify, cleanse, and clear before the arrival of Spring. The planets in Pisces encourage us to go within and meditate on murky waters in our lives. We’re bringing our awareness to whatever is cluttering our mental, physical, and spiritual spaces so we can assess our relationships to these things and let them go. Purifying the waters will allow us to see things more clearly, illuminating the path to creating something new with the Spring equinox (Ostara). This is especially important as Saturn shifts into Pisces, grounding our dreams and fantasies into reality.  

A full moon invites us to celebrate our paths and let go of what isn’t serving us. Virgo, the archetype of the Virgin, achieves this through purification. It is a symbol of innocence, order, and cleanliness, and serves a very important function. Virgo keeps an entire system running optimally by honing in on impurities and contaminants that cause long-term damage. This is the medicine for this full moon - to see the larger systems in our lives and reflect on where there are break-downs. Virgo carefully analyzes and monitors what is useful and useless, and teaches us that the devil is in the details. The small and practical things, like day-to-day habits and routines, do their part in creating a bigger picture. Our diet, exercise regimes, relationships, emotional well-being, mindsets, beliefs and self-talk all contribute to our overall fulfillment and happiness. Now is the time to do a bit of Spring cleaning before the equinox and take inventory of what is or isn’t keeping our systems running optimally. 

This full moon forms oppositions to the sun, Mercury, and Neptune in Pisces. The shadow side of Virgo can fall into criticism and perfectionism. In its attempt to control, it holds on to things that should be released and creates the mental/emotional clutter that it spends so much time trying to avoid. It may seek organization and cleanliness outside of itself to pacify inner messiness. However, Pisces asks us to transcend these parts of ourselves. It reminds us that purification is largely an internal job that requires vulnerability and emotional awareness. The wisdom of Pisces is all about surrender and letting go. This looks like being vulnerable enough to notice and own where we’re holding onto control by criticizing or expecting perfection. We cannot release if we aren’t vulnerable enough to admit that there’s something we need to let go of. When we can recognize this, it opens the door for acceptance, compassion, trust and unconditional love, which are forms of surrender. Pisces encourages us to use visualization, meditation, dream work, and spirit guides to do our healing work.  

Lastly, Saturn will move into Pisces on the same day of the full moon and this is one of the most important transits of the year. It asks us to ground our dreams and fantasies into reality by deciding what we want to commit to and putting in the work. It will also highlight karmic work in our personal charts and where we need to transcend. This placement can manifest in many other ways, such as boundary setting, developing discipline through spiritual practices, character building around compassion, trust, and letting go, and lastly, confronting addictions. The Virgo full moon ushers Saturn into this next phase. This is a great time to get practical about what we need to release and cultivate in order to make our dreams a reality. Make lists, organize, and create daily routines that set you up for success. 

Happy Virgo full moon!

Honoring this full moon may look like… 

  1. Purifying: Now is the time to purify mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. This can look like doing a detox with herbs and foods, or transcending mental clutter in meditation. Purification can come in many forms, so get curious about what this looks like for you. 

  2. Creating daily routines: So much change can happen when we shift our habits and routines. Create daily rituals that allow you to stay on top of inner and outer maintenance and set you up for success. Identify rituals or habits that don’t serve you and let them go. 

  3. Working with goddesses of purity: This is a great time to work with goddesses that symbolize purification, virginity, and cleanliness, such as Astraea. Call upon them to help you purify with the full moon.

  4. Spring Cleaning: You can do inner and outer spring cleaning. Go through your belongings and throw away what is no longer serving you. Create space for new things to come in with the arrival of Spring. 

  5. Organizing: This is a great time to get practical. Organize, make lists, and clean. You can incorporate this into setting intentions for letting go on the full moon, or materializing your dreams as Saturn shifts into Pisces. 

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