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Ostara marks the Spring equinox, bringing the blooming of flowers, returning of bird flocks, and awakening of hibernating animals. New life is all around and is mirrored in the heavens. As above, so below. With the arrival of spring comes a new moon in Aries on March 21st, the first sign of the zodiac. It carries messages to help us navigate a fresh chapter. As we take our first steps forward, we’re encouraged to recognize the power that lies within us as individuals and use it to create new versions of ourselves. However, we’re cautioned against running before we can walk. Aries tends to race ahead with excitement, but with Neptune in the mix, it’s best to begin this next chapter with gathering information and meditating on what we truly desire.

Aries is the warrior of the zodiac. A natural born leader and pioneer, it blazes forward with confidence, passion, and excitement. This archetype is also connected to courage, fire, drive, ego, movement, athleticism, creation, independence, and the Self (or identity). It is only fitting that this new moon forms a sextile to Pluto, lord of the underworld. While Pluto is connected to death, he also governs rebirth - a theme that is intimately connected with the Spring equinox and the sacred balance of light and dark. We’re now embracing the life and light that comes with deep transformation. Pluto initiates us into the light only when we have surrendered to the dark, where anything that does not mirror our truth falls away. Here, we find the true source of our power. In our rebirth, we are asked to harness this power to create something new in our lives. Aries asks us to courageously step into a new concept of Self and create from this place. It calls us to decide who we want to be, what we want to do, and how we want to do it. 

Pluto is currently transiting through Capricorn (shifting into Aquarius on March 23rd) and this placement reminds us to be intentional about what we want to create. While Aries can act before thinking, we’re encouraged to move slowly, wisely, and maturely. This theme is especially important as Neptune forms a conjunction to the new moon. The shadow side of this placement can bring confusion to our direction and brain fog around what we wish to create. It is best to sit in meditation and allow ourselves to fantasize or imagine what a new version of us would look or feel like. To transcend any inner conflict that inhibits our ability to create from a place of inner power and truth, and step into higher versions of ourselves. This is also a great time to pay attention to messages from our dreams, allowing them to guide our intentions for the new moon.

Mercury forming a conjunction to the new moon further emphasizes a time for gathering information. While we may want to bounce ideas off of others, it is wise to remember that we have ultimate authority over our lives. Aries highlights the importance of autonomy and thinking for ourselves. Now is the time to listen to our own inner voices and generate new ideas that are in alignment with us as individuals. It’s also a great time to develop mindsets of confidence and courage as we pioneer a fresh chapter. Mars, the ruler of Aries, forms a square to Mercury and the new moon. This reiterates a sense of caution around taking action on ideas impulsively or quickly. Instead, Mars trine Saturn encourages us to move slowly and decide what is worth committing to for the long-haul. This is about grounding our fantasies into reality by channeling will power and excitement into creating solid foundations that we can build upon. Now is the time to develop plans, structure, and discipline to alchemize ideas into tangible reality.

Happy Aries new moon!

Honoring this new moon may look like…

  1. Creating a new version of Self: Visualize a new version of yourself that you’re ready to embody after the darkness of winter. What inner truths, desires, and dreams are you ready to bring out of the darkness and into the light?

  2. Thinking for yourself: Mercury encourages independent thought. Now is the time to think for yourself, generate new ideas, and gather information. Develop mindsets of courage, confidence, and leadership as you create new things.

  3. Empowering yourself: Pluto reminds us that the power to create new realities lies within us. Instead of looking outside of you for things to change, how can you shift internally to align with what you desire?

  4. Creating movement: Whether physical or metaphorical, Aries is about creating movement where there was once stillness. Dance, run, jump - do what you need to do to get the energy moving after winter. 

  5. Creating a foundation: Saturn asks us to channel our passion and excitement into creating a solid foundation. Decide what you want to commit to. Start planning ahead and creating structure around what you wish to manifest.

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