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February 20th brings a new moon in Pisces. We take our first steps forward into a fresh lunar cycle with imagination, emotional awareness, and spiritual guidance. We’re encouraged to pay close attention to our dreams and fantasies, as they may shed light on what we wish to create and commit to. Specifically, Venus brings our focus to the realms of relationships, love, finances, and creativity. With Pluto in the mix, this is an opportunity for deep spiritual evolution as we face our fears and transcend our shadow selves that lie in the underworld of our psyche. 

The new moon in Pisces encourages us to notice how we are utilizing our dreams and fantasies. With the influence of Saturn in Aquarius, we’re asked to use our imaginations constructively, dreaming up future visions and plans to materialize them. This is a great time to tap into your intuition and lean on the divine for guidance. While mutable Pisces tends to go with the flow, Saturn brings structure to the creative process. It reminds us that grounding our dreams into reality takes time, work, and commitment. This placement also invites us to discern what we should and shouldn’t take responsibility for. It’s important that we own our role in the creation of our dreams while also leaving room for the divine to work its magic. Pisces is connected to surrender and letting go. It requires an element of trust in the timing of higher forces. Lastly, this placement highlights karma or limitations that we need to let go of, heal, and transcend in order to take a leap of faith. 

Pluto forms sextiles to Venus and Neptune. While there are many ways to consciously use our imaginations, Pluto can point to our subconscious material and what lies beneath the surface. This is an invitation to build awareness around our deepest fears and shadow selves within the underworld of our psyches. If we aren’t conscious of these parts, they may influence our imaginations destructively more than constructively, leading to illusion, control, or power struggles. This placement asks us to rise above ego - to see the spiritual lessons at play and transcend shadow through meditation, visualization, and creative expression. It’s also a great time to pay attention to the symbolism in our dreams and their messages. Acknowledge any signs for death and be rebirth, trusting that the transformation is in service to your highest self. Take care to seize opportunities for self-compassion, unconditional love, and healing. 

Venus forms a conjunction to Neptune, creating an enchanted dreamworld of endless possibility. As we begin a new chapter, this is an opportunity to fantasize around love, relationships, money, and creativity. It’s a beautiful invitation to imagine what you’d like to experience in these areas of life and transcend anything that isn’t working in your favor. The lower expression of this placement can point to rose colored glasses and that which blinds us to reality. Pluto may shatter illusions for the sake of rebirth into higher versions of ourselves that are capable of creating our dream realities. Transcendence may also look like boundary setting, cultivating trust, practicing compassion, recognizing oneness, getting comfortable with vulnerability, following our intuition, building awareness around relational dynamics, and more. As we step forth into this next chapter, Pisces reminds us to lean on our spirit guides for support and trust the unfolding of our paths. 

Happy Pisces new moon!

Honoring this new moon may look like…

  1. Fantasizing: This is a great time for fantasies and daydreaming. However, Saturn encourages us to use our imaginations wisely by visualizing what we’d like to create instead of what we fear. Decide on what you want to commit to. 

  2. Healing and Transcending: Get in touch with your higher self. How would they be experiencing life differently and what would they be creating? Do they have a message for you?

  3. Doing Dream work: Keep a dream journal and start interpreting the symbols at play. Get curious about how they’re serving your spiritual evolution.

  4. Cultivating trust: Notice where you’re grasping for control and train yourself to let go. This looks like cultivating trust and acceptance. This is also a great time to work on building trust with your intuition and inner knowing.

Leaning on spirit guides:  Pisces is deeply connected to spirit. Know that you are never alone and you can always turn to your guides and higher power for guidance.

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