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The Sagittarius new moon on November 23rd marks a fresh beginning and carries an air of optimism following eclipse season. This chapter brings exciting opportunities for expanding our consciousness and broadening our horizons. With Pisces at play, the source of growth comes from within. This is about exploring new spiritual and emotional depths by expanding our capacity for compassion, intuition, and unconditional love. Sagittarius seeks higher truth and wisdom through travel and adventure, however, Pisces reminds us that we needn't go very far for expansion. Sometimes, our own souls can be our greatest teachers.  

The new moon forms two trines to Jupiter (the ruler of Sagittarius) and Neptune retrograde in Pisces. Sagittarius is known as the great teacher. It travels from place to place, acquiring knowledge and wisdom on its adventures. However, Pisces points to an inward journey, possibly through meditation, creative outlets, or the use of imagination and visualization. This is about exploring our own emotional depths and capacities - meeting the parts of us that warrant compassion, healing and transcendence. It’s an opportunity to meet our humanness with the unconditional love of Spirit, allowing mystical experiences to stretch our consciousness to new dimensions. Once we meet ourselves in this way, we can meet others with deeper compassion and love as well. On the very night of the new moon, Jupiter goes direct, inviting us to apply the lessons learned during its retrograde season. It’s time to exercise the ultimate truth; we are one and all beings are connected. This new moon invites us to see ourselves in others. 

Venus forms a conjunction to the Sagittarius new moon, further emphasizing our relationships to others. This is an opportunity to explore new connections, especially with people of different backgrounds, cultures, and origins. Pisces teaches us that we are one, but Venus is Sagittarius highlights differences in others for the sake of our own expansion of consciousness. We learn more about ourselves as we venture into connections with people who challenge our ideologies, inviting us to return to ultimate truth once more - we are one. Everyone has something to teach and offer, and connecting with people who have different perspectives allows us to expand our inner worlds. With Mercury at play, conversation with others has the power to evolve our views, ideas, and outlooks on ourselves and the world. This placement encourages big picture thinking and philosophical contemplation. Mars retrograde warns us to refrain from pushing our views onto others, but rather listen to different perspectives. It’s a great time to explore topics you haven’t before and challenge yourself to learn something new. Venus and Mercury can also help us expand our mindsets and views around beauty, creativity, and values.

Lastly, the new moon forms a sextile to Pluto, lord of the underworld, in Capricorn. This placement allows us to meet fears and shadows that keep us conforming to rigid structures, rules, or traditions, but ultimately prevent us from stepping outside of our comfort zones. It asks us to meet the parts of us that resist expansion or embracing the unknown with compassion, love, and care. With Pisces at play, healing and rebirth are possible. We must hold our fears with the divine unconditional love that is encouraged during this time, and release old and outdated foundations to make way for new experiences. This will open to the door for death and rebirth. 

Happy Sagittarius new moon!

Honoring this new moon may look like…

  1. Exercise listening: So many of us love to talk, but how often do we exercise the art of listening? Listening doesn’t just involve our ears, but also our hearts and bodies. This is an opportunity to listen to others and get curious about what we can learn. 

  2. Sit in meditation: This is a great time to sit in meditation, practice visualization, connect with spirit guides or get creative. Allow yourself to express your emotions and practice meeting yourself with love and compassion - especially the parts that fear expansion. Extend this love outwardly to existing and new relationships. 

  3. Venture into the unknown: Sagittarius season invites us to meet the unknown with playful curiosity. Allow yourself to explore new topics of conversation or connections with others. See what you can learn about yourself in the process and lean into areas that call you towards expansion. 

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