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The new moon in Taurus on May 19th offers rich wisdom as we prepare to shift into Gemini season. This new moon is about deepening our capacity to experience life more fully and expanding towards higher purpose. However, Mars in Cancer encourages us to move forward gently, especially after eclipse season and mercury retrograde. Now is a great time to tune into our intuitions and hold compassion for ourselves as we navigate grounding our dreams into tangible reality.

Jupiter just moved into Taurus and is now forming a conjunction to the north node, bringing an element of fate. We might experience a pull towards higher purpose, even if it means embracing the unknown. Jupiter expands our consciousness and capacity to live big. Within the sign of Taurus, themes such as money, resources, security/safety, nature, stability, beauty, art, sensuality, and materiality will be highlighted. For example, this placement may call us to grow our capacity for sensuality, allowing ourselves to fully embrace pleasure and move beyond our blocks to experiencing it. We may feel the pull to invest more in that which expands consciousness, like spiritual growth, education or travel. This placement is meant to stretch our current perceptions of reality to new dimensions, showing us what is possible and available to us should we have the courage to let it in.

Venus, the ruler of Taurus, is transiting through Cancer, along with Mars. This is a call to set new moon intentions with the guidance of our intuition. We’re encouraged to move forward gently and softly, especially after eclipse season and Mercury retrograde. It’s important to nurture our needs and desires with sensitivity, healing and compassion at this time. Taking sentimental value into account as we begin a new chapter can serve us well. While deciding on what you’d like to create or invest in, think about the memories you’d like to make and who you’d like to make them with. Cancer is also connected to family, motherhood, and home, so these themes may influence our intentions as well.

Lastly Saturn in Pisces forms a square to the new moon. This placement calls us to break karmic cycles that produce the same unwanted outcomes, especially as it pertains to our ability to materialize our dreams and desires. We’ll be challenged to face any stubbornness, impracticality, laziness, escapism or fear around leaving our comfort zones. This will help us build the character needed to achieve our goals. Pluto retrograde further places emphasis on reflecting upon shadow for the sake of rebirth.

Happy Taurus new moon!

Honoring this new moon may look like…

  1. Doing some prosperity magick: Bay leaves symbolize prosperity. You can write your new moon intentions on the leaves and burn them in the flame of a ritual candle. Call in abundance, whatever that means to you.

  2. Investing: Invest your time, energy, and resources into people and things that support your new moon intentions. Cancer encourages us to take sentiment into account, thinking about the memories we wish to create and including the people we love most.

  3. Expanding: Challenge and grow your capacity to hold more. Give and receive more pleasure, fully take in the beauty around you, tune into every bite of your food, and live more fully.

  4. Breaking Karmic Cycles: Where do you see karmic cycles repeating themselves over and over again? How is this impacting your ability to materialize your dreams? Now is the time to take responsibility for your role in this and begin to show up differently. 

  5. Moving forward (softly): While Mars propels us forward, we’re encouraged to be gentle with ourselves. We may feel the pull to act from emotion, but it’s important that we stay grounded and centered. Listen to your intuition, needs and desires, and protect them. Show up for yourself with sensitivity and unconditional love.

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