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The new moon in Aries on April 20th packs a punch, bringing with it a total solar eclipse. Solar eclipses are notoriously connected to fated change and new beginnings. Jupiter ensures that these shifts are meant to serve our expansion and to help us see the bigger picture. With Pluto at play, this new moon in Aries may feel intense but it is directing us to a deeper, soul aligned purpose. Superficial goals will fall to the wayside, asking us to pioneer a new chapter and fight for a meaningful future. In order to do this, outer changes may highlight the true nature of our desires, identities, and missions.

With Mercury going retrograde the day after the new moon, this isn’t necessarily a time for taking action, but for reflecting upon the momentum we want to create in our lives. In the coming weeks, we may be called to rise to a challenge and cultivate courage, confidence, and strength like never before. The solar eclipse can bring fated change that invokes the fighter in us, highlighting that which sets fire to our hearts and the battles worthy of our time. With these shifts may come a reassessment of our true desires, asking us to distinguish between missions that support what we think we’re supposed to do, versus what actually inspires passion and will to live.

The new moon in Aries forms a square to Pluto, which just recently entered Aquarius. Pluto brings deep transformation and casts away anything superficial, inviting us to align our will and actions with the soul’s intentions. He asks us to face the fears that prevent us from living with meaning. Outer circumstances that were built upon fear may come crumbling down or make themselves known, inviting us to reassess our missions, future visions, and identities. This is a call to rebuild from a place of confidence and courage to be who we truly are, even if it goes against the grain. Pluto will also ask us to face the shadow side of Aquarius, highlighting where we’re trying to fit in, ignoring our authentic truths, rebelling without a deeper cause, or detaching in relationships in fear of intimacy.

Aquarius also brings our focus to the collective. It may be that this new moon will transform our sense of self, allowing us to see our place amongst the collective more clearly. This is a great time to think about causes that are worth fighting for, and tailoring our goals to align with the betterment of humanity. Collective shadow may also highlight where we’re conforming to society and need to act on behalf of our true desires.

Jupiter asks us to think big and to see the larger picture. He ensures us that the changes underway are meant to expand our perceptions of who we think we are and broaden our view of reality. With Chiron at play, old perceptions of our identity that mirror childhood wounding will be challenged to make way for new versions of ourselves. These shifts may allow us to witness the wisdom, leadership, and power we have within us, but didn’t know was there. Lastly, Mars (the ruler of Aries) sits in Cancer, calling us to create a safe, cozy space to listen to our intuition and emotions as we move into this next chapter. This is an invitation to nurture our innermost desires with unconditional love and care. Reassessing our goals may highlight a desire for finding belonging and a home within ourselves, others, and our environments. Shifts may also happen in the realm of family and home to mirror what truly matters to us. 

Happy Aries new moon solar eclipse!

Honoring this new moon may look like…

  1. Embracing Change: If change arises, allow yourself to see the opportunities and invitations that are presenting themselves. You can call upon deities like Hecate and Janus to help you through any transitions and leave them offerings on your altar. 

  2. Reassessing missions and goals: This is a great time to check in with yourself and ask if you truly feel fulfilled. Pluto casts away anything superficial. What is worth fighting for? Who do you want to be in this world? What do you stand for? This is a great time for mirror magick. 

  3. Creating a safe space to reflect: Mars in Cancer asks us to reflect on the momentum we want to create in our lives within the safety and comfort of the home. This is a great time to listen to your intuition and emotions for guidance.  

  4. Nurturing your innermost desires: This solar eclipse is about aligning with that which sets our hearts on fire. Nurture your heart’s desires with acceptance, encouragement, support, and a willingness to see your truth.

  5. Release old perceptions: Release old perceptions of who you thought you were. Reflect on how past wounds and societal conditioning color your identity. What are you ready to release in order to step into a new version of yourself?

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