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On October 25th, a solar eclipse will accompany the new moon in Scorpio, pointing to fated change and new beginnings. External circumstances may shift, pushing us to confront hidden truths, desires, and needs so we can move towards higher alignment. With Venus in the mix, this particularly pertains to relationships. There’s potential for experiencing profound levels of love, harmony and peace, but it may require us to go deep within ourselves to face our shadows and what lies beneath the surface. Acknowledging and accepting invitations for transformation can radically shift our experiences of love.

While the moon symbolizes our inner worlds, the sun represents our outer worlds. Therefore, solar eclipses bring change around ego, identity, desires, goals, and missions in life. Scorpio is connected to transformation - the epic journey of the caterpillar turning into a butterfly. This sign is also linked to the hidden realms, the darkness, and what lies beneath the surface. This new moon allows us to see the unseen, presenting us with opportunities for deep transformation prompted by shifts in our external realities. This could come in the form of changes to our jobs, relationships, finances, health, etc. Through these outer transitions, parts of our egos, false identities, and surface desires may die so rebirth into higher alignment can take place. Our circumstances may force us to shed old skin, revealing the truth of who we are and what we want deep down. As we become aware of our heart’s true desires, our outward goals change. 

Venus, the sun, and moon form conjunctions to one another at 2 degrees of Scorpio, highlighting love, harmony, and relationships. The number 2 is also connected to partnership in numerology, placing further emphasis on our connections. That said, the Scorpio new moon points to transformation around our relationship to intimacy. Pluto reminds us that in order to experience deeper levels of love, reclamation of our power is needed. Many of us believe that power looks like avoiding vulnerability or revealing only what we want people to see versus our truth. In reality, power comes from the ability to relate to our authentic selves in healthy ways that foster safety and enable us to embrace intimacy (physical and emotional). This looks like leaning into vulnerability and allowing ourselves to be seen on levels we haven’t before. Reclaiming our power also looks like facing shadow and blockages that prevent us from pursuing our heart’s deepest longings. This is about receiving insight around our blindspots, and owning where our emotions may be eclipsing our ability to achieve our goals.

This new moon is a great time to get honest and vulnerable around our relational needs, desires, and visions, and whether they are being fulfilled. It’s an invitation to deepen our understanding of Self, thus deepening our capacity for intimate relationships. The new moon forms a trine to Mars in Gemini, pointing to the initiation of necessary conversations and taking action on ideas. This is about communicating our truth to loved ones with maturity and wisdom. With Mercury in Libra, there’s an opportunity for giving and receiving new perspectives that aid our own transformation or the transformation of a relationship.

In summation, this new moon solar eclipse highlights new beginnings and change. Our outer circumstances will shed light on deeper truths, allowing us to gain a deeper understanding of ourselves so we can adjust our goals and move forward. It is important to embrace the change that comes with eclipse season while staying open to invitations for transformation. Addressing our own shadows and owning our truth will pave the way for new chapters in our relationships.

Happy Scorpio New Moon!

Honoring this new moon may look like…

  1. Getting honest with yourself: This is a great time to make an ‘authenticity’ list. You can write down your needs, desires, visions, and values and get honest about whether your external circumstances are aligning with your truth (in relationships or other areas of life). 

  2. Staying open to change: As things shift externally, notice what that brings up in you internally. How are you being called to transform? How is this pushing you into higher alignment? Embrace the changes that are happening and get curious about how they are serving you.

  3. Shadow work: Scorpio season is a great time for shadow work. If things aren’t aligning for you externally, reflect upon the parts of you that you’re denying or suppressing in order to keep up appearances or live a safe life that doesn’t actually feel fulfilling. What would it look like to reclaim authentic parts of you that feel scary or unacceptable? How would that change your life?

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