A Gratitude and Gifting Ritual for November

A Gratitude and Gifting Ritual for November

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A November Gifting & Gratitude Ritual 


As the Wheel of the Year turns from the sacred days of Samhain to the winter and glittering days of Yule, a change can be felt in the air. This can be a time of reflection, gratitude, and deep appreciation for the communities that feel like home. The harvest is over, and so, settling in, turning inward, the season compels us to give thanks. 


For us at Tamed Wild, there’s no us without you, magickal one. Our gratitude for this web of connection via monthly rituals and the Tamed Wild business is here in abundance. So, this year, we wanted to say thank you by sharing our abundance. In this box is a collection of magickal tools. From these tools, you can create and craft your rituals, working with the symbols that resonate the most for you. 


We’d like to encourage you to practice a gratitude ritual of your own….


This practice of gratitude is an invitation. Over the month, keep a gratitude jar. This can be a vase, a mason jar, or even a notebook if that’s better suited to your lifestyle. Each day, write down one thing that you’re grateful for. This can be a smile from a stranger on a bus, the holly berries on the bushes, or a cloud that looked like a flower. By the end of the month, you’ll have a record of memories representing your earthly abundance. Read them at Yule as a reminder of how magickal this world can be. 


We’d also like to encourage you to practice a gifting ritual…


As you explore this box, find at least one item you think would make a beautiful gift. This can be for someone you know and love, someone in your family or inner circle, a stranger, or even a friend of a friend, someone you’d like to know better. Gift that item to them with a little note sharing why you’re grateful for them. 


Small acts of kindness are a spell themselves. 


Blessed be. 

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