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The magickal existence of a seed in spring is unlike any other.

Seeds are the magick of possibility. Seeds can be both physical and metaphorical. They can be the first thought of a flower or food, they can be the spring symbol of an egg, or they can even be an idea or a dream in its very beginning stages of conception. All great Oaks were once acorns, as the saying goes.

In spring, in the days after the Spring Equinox and Ostara, the ground becomes more and more fertile for the seeds to take, for them to sprout, and then bloom into something beyond what you could have even dreamed.

If you’re someone who believes in magick (like I am!), it’s important for you to connect with the realm of possibility, for you to remember the cycles, and for you to tap into the archetypal seed each spring to ask yourself, “what am I dreaming about and what am I committing my efforts to this season?”

As you care for your intentions and our goals, you care for and nurture the seeds that you plant. You can weave these two practices together in a ritual that brings growth in a variety of ways and forms.

A Seed Magick Ritual

For this ritual, you will need a small piece of paper, soil, a pot, and a seed.

First, get centered in your space. If you work with Tarot or Oracle Cards, before the ritual begins would be a good time to pull a card to help you gain insight and perspective on the seed planting ritual.  

Begin by cleansing your space with herbs if you feel called to do so. Let the smoke flow around the space you occupy, yourself, and your tools. Let the herbs smolder during your ritual. Light your incense and candles.

Become grounded and present in your space, turn off anything (within your ability) that may distract you, call in any guides, benevolent ancestors, ascended masters, or deities that you work with regularly to assist your spell and to offer you protection while practicing. Give thanks for that which you already have and ask for what it is you need. Call in the elements and thank them for their presence in your ritual.

Write about what metaphorical seed you’re planting on the slip of paper.

Then roll up the piece of paper and place the paper into the bottom of the pot. Cover the paper and fill the plant with soil. Plant the seed in the rich soil and imagine how you’re setting your intention for the season ahead, much like you’re planting this seed in the earth.

As you care for and nurture your seed, think daily about what you intend to do and how you are nurturing that goal and mindset. At the end of your ritual, let your candles burn out safely and place your tools somewhere for safekeeping. Keep your newly planted seed somewhere nearby and watch as it becomes a sprout, and then a full-fledged plant (much like your dreams will!).

As with seeds, our intentions come to realization bit by bit and with much care and nurturing. The ancient Celts (and many others) spoke about how gratitude is an integral part of a spiritual practice. And so while planting seeds and setting intentions, it’s a great practice to say thank you, and often. 

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