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Gather around for a story about the moon in Sagittarius...

Our lady Luna left the house of Scorpio feeling fortified and capable, ready to grow. She did the inner work with the help of the God of War & the God of the Underworld. She has now retreated into total darkness, where she is content and quiet, making her way to Jupiter's house in Sagittarius.

She walks up to the grand mansion and is greeted by the King of the Gods himself, smiling wide and happy to welcome her. He ushers her into the foyer, where she is met with carved statues, eclectic art, lavish rugs, and the biggest chandelier she’s ever seen. Each item has a story, and Jupiter happily tells them as he shows her to her room.  

Her suite for the night is much too big for one person and just as eclectic as the rest of the house. The bed is hand-carved wood from India, the comforter is from Morocco, and he won the gold-plated goblet on the table in a card game in Cairo. “It’s a funny story actually…” he continues.

Once alone, the Moon looks to the book shelves for some evening reading and finds selections on anthropology, philosophy, various religions, and places she's never even heard of. Some are in other languages, and most all are overly worn. At dinner that night, Jupiter speaks loudly and excitedly as he asks the Moon where she’s headed next?

What adventures has she been on, and what new things is she into? He notices that she is ready to start anew and encourages her to embrace change with embodied gusto. He pushes her to explore, to learn, and to keep expanding her horizons…then abruptly announces he must go; he has last minute decided to hike Kilimanjaro, and his plane is waiting…

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