Goddess Series: Venus

Goddess Series: Venus

A Roman goddess of beauty & love...

A Roman Goddess of beauty and love, Venus was one of the most important and widely celebrated deities in Ancient Roman culture. 

As the Roman counterpart to the Greek Goddess Aphrodite, Venus shares a lot of commonalities with the famous Goddess of love. From their signature symbols (roses, myrtle, and treasures from the sea) to taking many notable lovers (both human and God alike) to even their origin story (born from sea foam), the two Goddesses of love and beauty are near-mirrors to one another—although there are a few ways in which they differ. 

Venus was thought to be a more sexually-charged Goddess as the patroness of prostitution. She was also known as a symbol of sure success in a variety of ventures from the military to marriage and sex. 

Like Aphrodite, two of her most famous lovers were Vulcan (the counterpart to Hephaistos) and Mars (the counterpart to Ares). Although her marriage to Vulcan was sexless, it was with Mars that she would find many of her prolific offspring—the Cupids (the winged deities of love), Concordia (Goddess of harmony), and the twins Metus and Timor (Gods of terror and fear on the battlefield), among others. 

Venus embodied the full spectrum of femininity—both good, bad, and everything in-between.

She was the empowered lover, the protector of the young, and a beauty so great and divine.

She was the tricky seductress, the sometimes ill-tempered divinity, and the sexually-free maiden and mother alike! 

Venus represented a deep and ancient fertility.

An earthy femininity that was revered in old times. 

She was the great benefactress of new brides, hopeful mothers, and all those who used sex and their charms to move through life. 

She was the mother of beauty, the mother of love, and the mother of victory in all its wide and varied forms.

What does Venus Rule?

Ruler of: love, sex, beauty, fertility, victory, prosperity, prostitution

Associated with: clamshells, swans, the sea, doves, dolphins, pearls, mirrors, roses, myrtle, marriage, new brides

Why would one call upon Venus?

To help give life to your creations and desires

 To help you tap into your deepest femininity

 To help you see and embody the beauty you already possess

 To help you connect with your sexuality (especially if there is pain there, or if you're a new parent)

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