Goddess Series: Pele

Goddess Series: Pele

A Hawaiian goddess of fire...

A Hawaiian Goddess of fire, Pele was a passionate force acting as both fierce creator and fiery destroyer.

It is said that Pele made a home from a crater she dug atop the active volcano known as Kilauea—living comfortably inside a small fire pit in its center. She is often depicted as a fiery, passionate, and sometimes jealous being—truly embodying the wild energy of the volcano she inhabits.

Pele was the daughter of the Earth Mother and Sky Father—one of many children born to the ancient Gods and descendants of the supreme beings. Among these children were Gods and Goddesses of the storms, the sea, the wind, the rain, the fires—with Pele being one of the fiercest and boldest of them all.
The legends say that Pele was born in Tahiti—finding her way to Hawaii by journeying in her canoe. They say that she made this journey with the desire to create fire on land—to spread her gifts to new grounds.
They say she managed to travel to many islands—striking deep into the earth to create her pits of fire—before her sister and nemesis, Namaka, Goddess of the sea, found her and threw her into battle.
The two Goddesses fought fierce and they fought freely—warring on land that would later become known as the Ka-iwi-o-Pele—the infamous battle ground of the ancient sisters of fire and sea.
Unfortunately for our dear Pele, her sister Namaka would find herself victorious that day—slaying the fire Goddess and leaving her body to rot upon the land.
But Pele was a fierce and mighty thing, and could not be so easily conquered.

From her breath sprung the lavas of the islands.
From her bones came both old destruction and new life in equal measure.
And while her fate may have seemed quite tragic, legend says that Pele's spirit still lives happily inside her fire pit on the summit of the Kilauea volcano. They say she still thrives there as a spirit—a Goddess in her fierce and fervent freedom, and a queen of all the fiery things on land.

What does Pele Rule?

Ruler of: fire, volcanoes, lava, lightning, winds 
Associated with: passion, storms, cycle of creation and destruction, hula dancing, the Hawaiian Islands

Why would one call upon Pele? 

  • To help ignite the fires of passion inside of you 
  • To help you cleanse and burn away all that no longer serves you 
  • To tap into fire energy—helping you create, activate, and engage your truest confidence 
  • To help you reconnect to your deepest, boldest purpose

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