Full Moon in Capricorn

Full Moon in Capricorn

She's not waiting anymore...

Breathe, my love, for the Eclipse is nigh,
As the Moon stands tall in midnight sky.
Allow the past to crumble to dust,
In the heart (in love) you must now trust.
Fate is calling, and she beckons you near,
To reclaim your power and release the fear.

On Tuesday, July 16th, we welcome in the Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn.

This is the big one, my love.

Everything that has happened since our last eclipse portal in January has been leading up to tonight.
Every ending, every mounting tension, every desire trying so desperately to push and break through has all been leading up to this.

This is a wildcard time.

It’s a time where life comes to knock on your door and ask if you’re ready to listen what she’s had to say—because she’s not waiting for you any longer.

You see, Eclipses are a wake-up call.
Sometimes, they’re pleasant and rather expected.
And other times, they can be wildly strange and even chaotic.

But which way it decides to go depends entirely on how well you’ve been listening.

What messages have been a constant theme since the start of the year?

What is something you’ve been putting off but can’t be ignored any longer?

What has your heart been trying to tell you?

This Moon ushers in a time of great truth, great resolve, and great reflection.

With five planets currently in retrograde, the energies are really pulling at us to take a step back from the fray, connect to the heart, and listen to what she has to say.

The heart will guide you in the right direction, every time.
But have you been listening to her guidance?
Or are you still ignoring it in favor of following the old ways of being?

With both Saturn and Pluto joining our Moon in Capricorn, we’re specifically being asked to look at outdated structures, roles, systems, and work patterns in our lives.

What has been holding you back?

Where have you been giving your power away to people, structures, and beliefs you consider in authority?

For a long time now, you’ve been making choices because they felt safe—they felt familiar.

Not because they quickened your heart, made life feel alive again, or brought bliss to the blistered parts of your soul.


In some way or another, you’ve been living your life according to an outdated set of beliefs that have felt good because they felt safe. And not because they felt like you.

And that’s what this Eclipse is asking you to release.
That’s what this Eclipse is begging you offer up in exchange for all that you really want.

Because the time is now.
Not tomorrow, not next week or next month or next year.
But now.

You’ve already spent too much of your life waiting.
Now is the time to move.

Here are some more ways you can honor this Full Moon in Capricorn:

·         Love yourself. This is a raw and tender time, and throughout the chaos it’s important you make space to truly love and nurture yourself—in whatever way you need. If life is feeling too heavy, how can you lighten it (even for a moment or a minute)? If life is feeling too ungrounded, how can you ground it? In what ways do you need to be loved right now? Feel into this answer and do it.

·         Breathe. Sometimes, when life is feeling too crazy and you don’t know what to do next, the best thing you can do is take a step back, close your eyes, and breathe. Now is a great time to learn and implement some breathwork practices, if you don’t already. Try looking up “breath of fire”, “ocean breath”, and “alternate nostril breathing”. These are simple, easy practices that nearly anyone can do at any time.

·         Reassess your boundaries. In true Capricornian style, it’s time to talk about boundaries. This is the perfect time to reassess and review your personal boundaries in love, life, friendships, and career. Do you feel like you’re being respected in the ways you want to be? It’s time to review where your boundaries might need a bit of a tune-up.

This Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn is here to shake things up for the better.

While it may feel rough at first, this isn’t a time to fear, my love.

Oh no.

This is a time to recognize the change in tide, because that is all this is.
A change.
A redirection.

And it’s up to you to decide if you’ll flow with it, or against it.

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