Chakra Series: Root Chakra

Chakra Series: The Root Chakra

The grounding chakra...

The Mūlādhāra, or Root Chakra, is one of seven main chakras in the energy body according to Hindu belief. 

Located at the base of the spine and pelvic floor, the Root Chakra is the body's grounding center and primary tie to the earth itself. 

This chakra governs the management of our grounding, our basic needs and primal drives, and our sense of stability and safety.  

When your Root Chakra is too closed, that means you’re closed-off from the energy this chakra governs. This can lead to many unwelcome signs and symptoms such as…

·         Feeling overly anxious and fearful

·         Difficulty relinquishing control

·         Chronic procrastination

·         Living in survival mode

·         Disconnected from your body

·         Constant low energy and fatigue

·         Feeling unsafe in the world

·         Potential physical imbalances in the legs, hips, colon, and lower back

When your Root Chakra is too open, that means you have an excessive amount of the energy this chakra governs. This can also lead to many imbalances such as…

·         Excessive greed

·         Feelings of paranoia (or intense obsessive fear)

·         Chronic overeating

·         Hoarding and materialism

·         Workaholic tendencies

·         Easy to anger

·         Potential physical imbalances in the legs, hips, colon, and lower back 

When your Root Chakra is balanced, that means that you’re able to freely enjoy the harmonized energies that this chakra governs. Quite literally, you’ll feel rooted in your being and in your place in the world. When this chakra center is balanced, you might notice that you…

·         Feel safe and at home in the world

·         Are grounded in yourself and in your body

·         Have healthy relationships to food, money, and material goods 

How to Balance the Root Chakra:

1.       Walk barefoot directly on the earth

2.       Chant "LAM": pronounced as "laaaaam"—the sound that rules the Root Chakra

3.       Work with Root Chakra crystals: such as black tourmaline, obsidian, and red jasper

4.       Eat grounding foods: such as root vegetables, red foods, and hearty protein-rich meals

5.       Move your body: dance, yoga, martial arts—anything that gets you into your body

6.       Spend more time in nature: hiking, walking, or even just sitting outside on the grass

7.       Use affirmations: such as "I am grounded in my body" or "I am safe, I am whole, I am protected always."

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