Wild Rituals Deck: How to use

Wild Rituals Deck: How to Use

By: Jillian Kristina, Author (@root_down)

The Wild Rituals Intentions deck was created to provide practical focal points to support your spiritual needs and development. It touches on the basics we all need to thrive in life: presence, cleansing, connecting, unblocking, protection, and expanding. The words and rituals in the deck seek to provide you with guidance and focus, whether your target be improving health, increasing abundance, heart-centeredness, aligning with and embodying the elements, or simply getting back in touch with your true essence. 

There is no one right way to use this deck. You can choose to sit with it in your hands, envelope it in your intentions or questions, take a few slow, deep breaths, and shuffle, intuitively deciding when to stop and pull a card. Sometimes, a card (or cards) will pop out of the deck, naturally revealing themselves to you – take them, read them, and apply what resonates with you. 

That’s also an important word: resonate. Please feel free to use these cards as a jumping point, a source of inspiration. Don’t feel required to strictly adhere to the rituals outlined, but rather, incorporate them into your own sphere of experience and movement, allowing them to add to and enhance existing, or budding, practices. In this way, you make the ritual truly your own, while expanding upon your present knowledge base and magickal foundation. 

In this vein, it might be fun to also customize your own spreads! You could base this on the traditional three-card spread, posing questions like, “Where is my blockage?”, “What can I do to work through this obstacle,” “What opportunities or roads will open up when I do?” You could also start with a card such as ‘Space Clearing’ to create your sacred space, and then incorporate the four elemental cards, “Earth,” “Water,” “Air,” and “Fire,” and set the intention for balance, connection, grounding, and clarity in your life, and moving forward. You could also craft a healing ritual with cards such as “Ancestors,” “Forgiveness,” “Wisdom,” and “Strength,” intended to send energy to the world, to the rainforests, to the whole of humanity. And again, always remember the power in just one single card, whether you purposely seek it out, or it presents itself to you. The possibilities are truly endless. 

Let the words in this deck feed your curiosity and help strengthen your resolve to deepen your magickal practice and solidify your confidence in yourself. Let it empower you to experiment and explore, and when you do, write your rituals down in a magickal journal to track your progress, as well as any effects or outcomes you notice as a result of your magickal workings and intentions. 

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, allow these cards to aid in building – and remembering - trust in yourself and your intuition. That’s the stem of all intentional workings and outward manifestation in the world – it all begins within, with you. 

Commit yourself to tuning into your spirit and receiving all of the wisdom that resides there, waiting to be called upon and applied to the greatest good for yourself, and the greatest good for all – that is the highest goal this deck was created to achieve.

Photos taken by Caitlyn Barone, @flowerchildarts

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