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Happy Winter Solstice, Tamed Wild Coven! And Yule Blessings.

Shelby Bundy here, and can you believe we're already at the gate of the winter solstice? With a quick turn of the wheel, from the beginning of the year at the equinox to this dark moon time of the year, cycles and seasons move so swiftly.

Like the seasons, we create and craft in cycles, too. This year, here at Tamed Wild, we changed our subscription box to a quarterly model and have been developing our print materials: quarterly workbooks, monthly planners and reflection journals. It's been a journey, but I feel the new iterations of these offerings are some of our most potent yet. Thank you for being here for every shift and change.

This fall was cause for celebration; I started a new podcast called The Moon in Carolina and published my first book, Wild Medicine, alongside Tamed Wild colleague Kate Belew. The Magick & Alchemy Podcast passed one million downloads, and some of you joined us in Asheville to honor the Sabbat of Samhain during our yearly retreat. I am so honored that you travel alongside us, and I am also celebrating all of your wins this year.

I wanted to say a big THANK YOU. I am so grateful if you chose to shop with us this holiday season. You are some incredible gift-givers, and I love it when you tag us on social media, sharing how you're using the ritual tools in your practices.

Thank you again, from the bottom of my heart, for supporting us this year. I know there are many excellent shops to purchase tools for your practice, and I am truly honored you chose ours. May this winter solstice and Yule season bring peace, rest, connection, and hope.

From our family to yours, blessed be.



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