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Gather round for a ghost story about the Lousiana Vampire, Jaques St. Germain...

Many will argue that the most notorious vampire was Dracula, or perhaps the real-world Vlad the Impaler, but what of the famed New Orleans haunt, the Count of Saint Germain?

As the story goes, sometime in the early 20th century, a handsome bachelor arrived in New Orleans. He set up residence in the heart of the city, and it wasn’t long before the mysterious newcomer was a local celebrity. According to his friends, he went by Jaques St. Germain.

Jaques was adored for his magnetism, affluence, and the lavish parties he threw at his stately home. He claimed to be a descendent of Comte de Saint Germain, the noteworthy alchemist, magickal practitioner, and companion of King Louis XV. Although most partygoers doubted his boast (assuming their host suffered from an overactive ego), people couldn’t ignore the resemblance between Jaques and the late magician.

Soon, the rumors began to swirl – perhaps Jaques isn’t a descendant of Saint Germain, but Saint Germain himself!

But, nobody actually cared if Jaques was an immortal being because everyone loved him. After all, he had excellent style and hosted the best social gatherings. Praised for his elaborate dinner parties where he served only the best, most decadent foods , Jaques himself was a picky eater. In fact, nobody ever saw him eat a crumb of anything, not once. And when it came to drinking, Jaques only had a taste for red wine. He preferred a special reserve from France. Or maybe it was Transylvania? It’s hard to say; Jaques had lived in many places and learned many languages. One would think he was four hundred years old, not the forty he claimed…

Despite Jaques’ popularity in New Orleans, everything shifted during one dark and stormy evening. While most of the city was fast asleep, a woman’s cries tore through the night. According to onlookers who arrived to help, a woman had fallen from Jaques’ outdoor balcony. But, when police asked for her version of the story, she claimed it wasn’t an accident; she had jumped. Now, the woman was frantic, insisting that Jaques tried to bite her neck and drink her blood, but authorities were more inclined to side with the homeowner. You see, Jaques was a well-loved face about town, and she was an intoxicated, hysterical woman. Police told Saint Germain that when he had time, to come down to the station and make a statement.

But Jaques never showed up. And when police arrived at his house to investigate, the man was nowhere to be found. Police searched the home and rifled through Jaques’ possessions, looking for any clue as to where he might have gone. Eventually, officers stumbled upon his wine collection. Everyone knew Jaques loved red wine, but when the bottles were uncorked, investigators noticed a metallic odor wafting from the inside – the scent of blood.

News spread quickly about Saint Germain’s unusual taste in wine, which led to all sorts of speculation about the missing bachelor. According to those who attended his elite party circuit, one of Jaques’ many boasts was that he had discovered the Elixir of Immortality. Perhaps there was more truth to his claim than anyone thought to believe…

Over the years, New Orleans residents have claimed that Jaques St. Germain never left the city, and even today, still roams the busy streets. He’s been nicknamed the Louisiana Vampire, and his former home at 1039 Royal Street has become a local landmark and point of interest for ghost hunters, magick makers, and would-be-alchemists.

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