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Your horoscopes for the Spring Equinox of 2024 are here!

The Spring Equinox is a moment of beginning. The astrological new year, Ostara, and spring are a seasonal celebration of rebirth and cycles.

These horoscopes are intended for your rising sign, but read them through your sun or moon sign for additional wisdom. Click here to read your March Creativescopes by Kate Belew and sign up for her free weekly newsletter here

Aries & Aries Rising

Aries, your passion comes from a deep place. Well-versed in beginnings, this is a beginning for you and the start of your astrological season, the new astrological year. Bring your fire to the moment, but also your strategy. A Mars-ruled planet, you don’t shy away from what is complicated or complex; you dive in, allowing yourself to be made new from the proverbial fire. You’re an alchemist. Remember the phoenix inside of your heart this spring equinox and bloom like spring from the ashes. 

Taurus & Taurus Rising

Taurus, you are an earth spirit through and through. You are a barefoot walk in the grass. You are the roots of the trees, the booming cherry blossoms. Who you are is abundant and enough. This spring equinox is a reminder of your essence. This a reminder to seek connections and to build a community like the mycelial networks with which you feel much familiarity. Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and imagine new ways to reach out. 

Gemini & Gemini Rising

Gemini, who you are in the world is changing. You are mercurial, gifted at shifting, embracing duality, and showing up to have the conversations that need to be had. You are direct, certainly, but this moment, at the astrological new year, is bringing some softness. Lean into all that is Venusian, and allow yourself to delight in what you love to do. If your passions have taken a back seat to your career for a moment, that’s okay (all things in cycles), but this might be a time to remember what sparks your creative fire. 

Cancer & Cancer Rising 

Cancer, this has been a moment of reckoning and initiation for you. You have surrendered and allowed the process to work in the past few months. Much like Persephone, who travels to the underworld, maiden of spring, to become queen of the underworld, you are now made different. This spring equinox reminds you of your gentle power and ability to empower others. Share your experiences, and listen deeply. In this exchange, there’s magic to be made. 

Leo & Leo Rising

Leo, take a moment to feel your grief. At the enter of winter, that which has died, becomes the good soil for the new blossoms. All that has happened in the last year is fertile and potent and a place for your new roots to find a home this spring during the equinox. The earth and our plant allies know that nothing blooms all year round, and all things come in cycles. With your lion-hearted wisdom, explore your own cycles and how they align with your process and life’s history and story. What seeds will you plant this spring? The earth is waiting to support you as you blossom. 

Virgo & Virgo Rising

Virgo, you understand the power of sacred collaboration. Though you know you can do it alone, when you bring your dreams to others for support or when you help another bring their vision to life, what can be made possible that wasn’t before? The spring equinox is a moment of balance. The word equinox itself comes from the words for equal and night. Consider how balance is actualized in these relationships. This spring, plant a seed with someone else, make a commitment, and dream a dream with and for us all. 

Libra & Libra Rising

Libra, you are masterful at flow and harmony; you understand its resonance and creative power. But this moment is calling for you to bring a little sweetness and structure to your every day. It might be time to make a plan this spring equinox, to craft a strategy, to design a new ritual. Bring your Venusian powers to this practice and see what portals open, leaving your old ways of being behind. 

Scorpio & Scorpio Rising

Scorpio, this spring asks two things of you. One is to work through what your day-to-day life looks like, how you work with your rituals and routines, certainly, and how you care for your body, but also, this spring asks you to rest. Where can you find moments of retreat, respite, or solitude? You are a dreamer, Scorpio. This Spring Equinox is a moment of deepening your understanding of yourself and what you need. Celebrate yourself, and commit yourself to the balance of doing the work and the rest. 

Sagittarius & Sagittarius Rising

Sagittarius, this spring brings a message of how you bring romance to your life. Your fiery and adventurous spirit gives you creative wings, but sometimes, it’s a spell to settle into what some might call the mundane with your magic. You bring magic to everything. By connecting to this soft and gentle side of yourself, what lessons might be learned, friendships forged, communities honored and supported? Like the earth, feel the spring rains and begin again. 

Capricorn & Capricorn Rising

Capricorn, this spring, write a love letter to yourself. You’ve undergone a process of great change (always changing), and this spring’s horizon allows you to celebrate yourself a little bit. There is no doubt that your hardworking spirit wants to keep going (and you should), but resting in the moment and taking in the beauty of your life is a ritual in itself. Everything is a part of the process, even the sacred pause. The path is always under your feet. Home is wherever you go. When you pause, you’ll hear the call of your purpose. This call will pull you forward when you’re ready and rested to begin. 

Aquarius & Aquarius Rising

Aquarius, this spring equinox is asking you to dive into your studies, and also your writing or communication practice. Always the innovator, your creative and rebellious ways of thinking about the world, creativity, plans, and processes are always a gift. But this spring, consider if there’s anything that needs to be shaken up or given perspective in the ways you’ve been approaching things. You have stories to share, classes to teach, and books to read (and write). The world is a magical place, and you are a part of its sacred web. 

Pisces & Pisces Rising

Pisces, the dreamer and poet, this spring is asking you to build your emotional and creative toolbox because you are traveling to the underworld. There is a seed that you need to plant and also a past to grieve. The equinox teaches that beginnings and endings are always inextricably linked. Every rebirth begins with a death of sorts. Grieve, ritualize, create, and then plant the seed that’s been waiting this winter in your heart. 

To your stars and horoscopes this spring! Spring Equinox blessings, magickal ones!

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