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The Capricorn new moon on December 23rd offers insight into resilience, patience, and perseverance. It falls within close range to the winter solstice, providing us with additional symbolism. From this point on, the days gradually grow longer as the light returns. However, this is a slow progression - one that demands character building. The dark half of the year can represent challenging seasons in our lives that require strength. Now is the time to explore what that means to you and what that might look like. It’s an invitation to get intentional about our goals as we begin a new lunar cycle and approach a new year.

The new moon forms squares to Neptune and Jupiter, revealing areas in need of character building. While we’re invited to set intentions and get clear on our goals, Neptune can bring an element of confusion. It highlights where we’re feeling directionless and points to our ‘go with the flow’ mentalities that hinder success. This is a call to look at where we lack structure and necessary foundations in our lives. Jupiter (which recently moved into Aries on December 20th) also presents a bit of tension. While this placement provides us with many blessings, such as zest, leadership, and individual truth, it also comes with its challenges. A square to the new moon highlights where we may impulsively act on short-sighted passion without a solid plan, patience, or commitment. It can also point to righteousness or ego that serves as a blockage to success. Now is the time to tune into the tensions present around your goals. It’s an opportunity to get curious about them and how they may be calling you to build a deeper sense of strength and character that stands the tests of time.

Venus and Mercury form a conjunction to one another during the new moon, encouraging creative thinking, strategizing, and planning ahead. This is a great time to check in with your core values and think about whether your goals are in alignment with them. If not, what needs to change? What is worthy of your time, energy, commitment, and resources? Capricorn reminds us that before we climb the ladder, we have to make sure it’s leaning against the right building. Venus and Mercury form trines to Uranus and the North Node, pointing to fated change. If your goals aren’t in alignment with your truth any longer, it may be time for a shift. Or, it may be that you have to take a different path to achieving your goal, which may require a bit of innovation or problem solving. With Pluto in the mix, we’re encouraged to release dead weight. This is a great time to check in with yourself around what is holding you back, weighing you down, and no longer serving you. It may be that the strength and courage that is needed to face your fears around death and rebirth is the character building that is calling you forward.

Lastly, Saturn (the ruler of Capricorn) sits in Aquarius and forms a square to Uranus and the North node. While we create or revise our future visions during this new moon, we’re invited to check in with what feels in authentic alignment. Although Capricorn generally adheres to traditions, customs, and rules, we’re encouraged to channel our inner rebel. To meet the parts of us that limit or suppress our highest potentials due to societal norms or other people’s opinions. Now is the time to liberate ourselves from the prisons of our own making, and allow our goals to reflect authentic expression - our unique assignments here on planet earth. 

Happy Capricorn New Moon!

Honoring this new moon may look like…

  1. Strategizing: This is a great time to set your intentions and put pen to paper. Start putting plans and strategies into place that will help you achieve your goal.

  2. Building resilience: The winter teaches us to build resilience, a quality that is also represented by Capricorn. Think about what would help you persevere. The ancients brought light into the darkness to help them withstand the cold seasons. How can you bring warmth into a challenging time? This could look like making more time for tea breaks, ceremony, or connection with loved ones. It could also look like being kinder to yourself, or rewarding your efforts with something nice.

  3. Building character: Now is a great time to journal about the tensions presenting themselves on the road to achieving your goal. Then, think about the character traits that must be developed in order to help you face these challenges and build resilience. Remember that Capricorn is all about slow and steady growth. You don’t need to rush your personal development.  

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