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Eclipse season kicks off with a Libra new moon on October 14th. This annular solar eclipse will catalyze the inevitable, bringing fated change and new beginnings. Within the sign of Libra, we may experience shifts around relationships, creativity and balance in our lives. Mars in Scorpio points to desires rooted in superficiality rather than soul, calling us to align our will with deeper meaning. This may highlight what we thought we wanted versus what we truly want, causing us to redirect around goals, missions, and identities.

In astrology, the sun represents our life-force, identity, purpose and more. It symbolizes the hero archetype within our psyches, which actualizes our potential by embracing life’s obstacles and invitations for evolution. The hero’s journey is about moving towards wholeness and a strong sense of self. When a solar eclipse occurs along our journey, fated change around our identities, missions, and goals bring us closer to ourselves. These shifts activate parts of us that would otherwise lay dormant, helping us to evolve our understanding of self. Within the sign of Libra, vehicles for change may manifest in areas such as relationships, creativity, and balance. 

Mars in Scorpio forms a conjunction to the new moon, highlighting our will and drive. This placement may bring hidden motivations to the surface and reveal where our goals are rooted in shadow or superficial desire, leaving us unfulfilled and imbalanced. This is an invitation to connect to deeper meaning and align our will with soul. With Libra at play, this could manifest in our relationships. For example, we could become aware of our core values and what we ultimately want in our relationships, which may create change. Or, hidden motivations that are causing imbalances within our relationships, or lives in general, may be revealed. Whether it’s the balance between giving and taking, work and play, togetherness and separateness, dependence and independence, change may support us in realigning with our true selves. 

Lastly, With the south node activated, we’ll be shown what feels familiar and comfortable, but isn’t necessarily serving our growth. Saturn can provide us with insight into old habits that are outdated, holding us back, and limiting our potential. He asks us to break karmic cycles that keep us reliving the unwanted reality so we can finally embrace a new beginning. This is about cultivating the discipline to say ‘no’ to old ways of being, and committing to something new. The South Node also provides us with opportunities to actualize untapped skills, talents, and potential that can help us pave the way forward. 

Happy Libra new moon solar eclipse!

Here are 5 ways to honor this new moon…

  1. Trust: Solar eclipses are known to bring chaotic and unpredictable energy that usher in change. At this time, it’s important to trust the unfolding of your process, knowing it is working for you and not against you. 

  2. Listen to cues for change: This isn’t a time for forcing or controlling, but it is a good time to listen, reflect and meditate. Tune into the subtle or not so subtle cues that a shift needs to happen. With Mercury at play, pay attention to downloads of new information concerning balance in your life and relationships. 

  3. Notice imbalance: Our bodies communicate when there’s an imbalance. We may be overwhelmed, underwhelmed, stagnant, anxious, etc. Outwardly, our schedules may be packed and our diets are poor. Notice where there is imbalance within and without.

  4. Look at your relationships: Get honest about what is and isn’t working in your relationships. How is this calling you to embrace change? How is this calling you to get clear on what you truly want?

  5. Reflect on your goals: Solar eclipses bring change around identity, goals, missions, etc. Do your outer achievements fulfill you? This is a great time to reflect upon what is superficial desire and what is soul driven. 

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